My life as a stove builder started while working summers in the 1970’s at my grandfather’s stove company, Knox Stove Works.  Starting in the paint room, I was slowly introduced to all aspects of the construction of the Mealmaster cook stove.  As an apprentice die maker, I learned the value that tight tolerances in construction led to a high quality and long-lived product.  Interning at the porcelain enamel plant reinforced the importance of quality and detail in every aspect of the steel parts’ fabrication.  Even the slightest imperfection was magnified many times when the porcelain coating was applied leading to a rejected part.

Through the years of building and selling stoves, I have had the great opportunity to work with many leaders in the cook stove segment of the wood stove industry.  This networking gave an education no school or book could give as years of trial and error gave these cook stove builders the wisdom to build a solid product.  In working with and visiting the Amish stove factories the true craftsmanship and detail to quality is apparent in every product.  Duane Miller of Kitchen Queen is a prime example of someone who has built high quality cook stoves for many years.  For this reason, I was happy for the opportunity to work with Duane in selling the Kitchen Queen line of cook stoves.  Through all the years of trade shows, all the supplier visits, and all the trade journals read, I can safely say the Kitchen Queen is the highest quality cook stove I have come across.  When purchasing a Kitchen Queen one can rest assured the entire staff of the factory stands behind each and every product one hundred percent.  They produce not just a cook stove, but a generational stove which will cook your meals and warm your home for many generations to come.